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What if an off-site assistant handled a lot of your office work?

What else might *you* be able to accomplish?

 Hello! I’m Patty Ayers. My work is providing services that an administrative assistant typically does for small businesses, but from my location.

I work from my fully-equipped home office in Hotchkiss, Colorado as an independent contractor.

Here are some things I could do for you:

Maintain websites

Write, edit, proofread

Create and edit graphics

Basic video editing

Basic audio editing

Manage and respond to emails

Send invoices, pay bills

Organize online files

Conduct research

Update contact databases

Make phone calls

Assist with ad/marketing campaigns

Complete paperwork

Assist with event planning

How is hiring an independent contractor  different from hiring a regular employee?

Why is my hourly rate not comparable to the the hourly pay of an employee?

Because it covers significant expenses which an employee does not have. It is a different type of working arrangement. 

  • Instead of you, the employer, paying for a work space, utilities, desk, computer, phone, and other equipment and supplies, I pay for all of those, and for other necessary business expenses.
  • Rather than you paying for FICA Social Security and Medicare taxes for me, I pay those myself.
  • I only charge for performing work which you and I have specifically agreed on. You don’t pay me for any unproductive time.
  • I don’t require supervision; my work speaks for itself.
  • If there comes a time when you don’t need my services any longer, the process is a whole lot simpler than with a regular employee.

Working with a contractor like me can provide you with flexibility and cost savings which aren’t possible with a regular employee.

For a new client, an initial deposit of $225 and a signed contract are needed.

Hourly work is charged $37.50/hour and is invoiced once a month.

Per-Project and Monthly Retainer arrangements are also available.

Member, North Fork Valley Chamber of Commerce

Registered with the Better Business Bureau of Colorado

References provided upon request

Call or email to tell me about what you need to get done, and ask me any questions about how this works. I can be reached by phone during business hours at 919-265-9633, or use the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!